Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Daily Three

Looking for a rain jacket you can throw on for those gross summer days? Going to New Orleans and need some protection form the inevitable hurricane-churned oil rain? Finisterre has got you covered with their Anabatic Mk. II. At about 180 British Spending Units, its a solid price to pay for a solid jacket. What's more, it's 100% recyclable. I don't know how that's possible, but Style + Environment = Win. Obviously. (via Cool Hunting)

As you may know from past posts and raves, I'm a big proponent of the always-inspired Yuketen. They make spectacular shoes that I can't really afford, and I like that. But it seems like they've been looking to Rock and Republic for recent inspiration on their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Check out the loafers on the left. The ones with the death bolts popping out. Now look at these older Rock and Republic loafers. Quite the uncanny resemblance, no? (via Selectism)

Threadless is an amazing t-shirt site. They've got some excellent tees at excellent prices. Some are a bit esoteric, some are a bit WTF, but there's a good helping of amazing. This is one of the latter. I've never seen Avatar (oh no!) and though I've seen the Smurfs (who hasn't?), I missed the fanaticism that accompanied the series' peak. Blue-centric entertainment inexperience aside, I love this shirt. Grab it on the cheap for $18. (via LikeCool)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Three

I hate Yohji Yamamoto for this entire collection (despite making one of the coolest pairs of sneakers ever). 1) These are two men whose parents are not proud of them, at least not at this moment. 2) I am tired of sites pretending this is brilliant work, when it is by far the worst of his work. 3) C'mon, Yohji! A pilgrim hat? Really? I mean, shit, look how badass these guys looked in your Fall/Winter 2010 collection. What happened, man? And pick some better models, ass. (via Por Homme)

Scott Campbell is a winner. How do I know? He has enough money for a laser etcher. And he has further enough money to use said laser etcher on stacks of ones to create awesome designs. Do you see what he did above, there, kids? That's a skull! He's got all kinds of cool tricks up his sleeve! He also does tattoos, which I hear are neat. (via A Time to Get)

This is what passes for art nowadays. Bohyun Yoon apparently didn't speak English (or understand that people don't wear mirrors on their heads) when he came to the US. So, inspired by the universality of facial expressions, he created this awkward head-mounted contraption. I can't decide which is more awkward, the piece itself, or the people wearing it in these pictures. (via designboom)

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daily Three

I'll start off by saying that these shoes, from UK cobblers Tricker's, cost a whopping $700+. So you aren't going to be getting them. But that's not really the point. The point is the genius behind them. The laces on these shoes have been swapped out for some elastic placed in the heels. It's a perfect summer mix of casual, dress, and style. (via the always reliable Mister Crew)

This table is folding, not falling apart. Italian-designed (which really means nothing) furniture from Resource Furniture saves you more space than you can imagine. The Italian part just makes it that much better. Included in the collection is the table above, a bunk bed set that folds into the wall, and more. Check out the video here for more details. (via Walyou)

And you thought I'd never do a post focused on hanging strips of fabric! How naive! Not really, though. Those sleeves you're peeking at are from the label lecur (you don't capitalize it, apparently--fashion spits at grammar rules). Something about the entire collection caught my eye--the variety of colors and textures while not straying too far from classic cuts and looks. Well done lecur, well done. (via Hypebeast)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Quickies: This Guy...

Mister Mort just threw up this shot of a gentleman wearing Thom Browne on the streets of San Francisco. For those not in the know, that's how the pants are supposed to look. Thom Browne is all about short. Anyway, I just can't support this lack of color. Especially in a beautiful city like San Francisco.

He looks like he fell out of an M.C. Escher drawing. Or maybe he made his suit from the wallpaper in his grandfather's closet. Maybe he just had to have a Thom Browne suit, but he arrived late to the trunk sale, and this was all that was left, and he had promised himself he'd get something. That's what I'm getting from his stiff-lipped facial expression: "I'm not happy in this suit. Can I run home and put on my Tom Ford suit? Then you can get a great picture!" I mean, at least buy a colorful tie or something. Jesus.


Today I honor you with not three, but five (WHOA!) daily bits to keep you going through the weekend (and to make up for my lack of post yesterday). Enjoy.

Prepidemic, today, had Fin's as the focus of their Brands to Know article. As Fin's site says, they are "simple, classic, affordable, fuss-free, and fun. And that's what makes them so great. They come in most colors you'd ever want a shoe, from Palm Beach Violet to Como Olive. The look is classic, with none of the obnoxious frills that seem to be creeping into shoes that would be otherwise classic these days. Head on over to the site and order yourself a pair or five. You won't regret it. Oh, and Alexandra Finlay, the owner and founder, is pretty hot. So that helps.

This is not a joke. Well, it kind of is. Terrence Tittingfield (not his real name, I hope) founded the site Erotic Falconry, for orniphiles who love beautiful photography. The site includes falcon personals, erotic stills, and a film that, I shit you not, is "cumming soon." The concept is quite funny, though a bit lewd (even for me, which is saying something. Go take a look and be entertained and slightly weirded out. This is a product of Wisconsin, though, so we can't be too surprised. (via Kempt)

Style God Glenn O'Brien reports on his experiences with tailored shirts at his go-to shop, Ascot Chang. Ascot Chang has shops in New York and San Francisco, so if you don't live there, or you don't want to make the trip, you're out of luck. Btu from the way O'Brien talks about them, it'd be quite worth it. The piece also provides a good glimpse at the process that goes into making a tailored shirt, which, in my opinion is the ultimate sign of "I've Made It." Check out the article and get your learn on. Then get your tailored shirt on...if you have like $400. (via GQ)

I usually shy away from posting on new collections, but I had to make an exception here. A.P.C.'s new Resort collection just seems too flawless, too classic not to talk about. With this new collection, A.P.C., a label constantly lauded for their denim offerings (especially the New Standard), offers slim lines, solid colors, and classic overall style to make for a great set of pieces. The collection includes blazers, chinos, shirts, and shoes, so you could ostensibly wear all A.P.C. one day. (via Selectism)

Bill Clinton is a winner. He won the Presidential election twice. Can you win more than that? I don't think you can. A lot of Presidents finish up their term, write a memoir, build a library, and then disappear into the nebulous world of textbook fame. Bill Clinton is no such man. He was recently seen (repeatedly) enjoying the world cup. The picture above shows him being awesome at the recent US victory over Algeria. You think he just peaced out after? No. He stepped into the locker room with Landon and the boys to give them a talk about how damn proud he was of their playing. Click the picture, though, and get a closer look at his outfit. It's impeccable. He's ditched the presidential uniform for a pink gingham shirt with some real pop. And you can bet it's of the finest quality available to man: the guy makes like $100,000 per speaking appearance. What??? All he does is win, win, win. (via Valet)

You need at least one pink shirt (if you thought "Polo" when you read that, you're done). Here are some options:
Thomas Pink, for $250 (there is a good chance this is the shirt he is wearing, as Bill Clinton is known to favor Thomas Pink shirts)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Daily Three

This ain't no ordinary soup. This is the soup men eat before they do manthings. In celebration of Bruce Campbell's birthday, SciFi Wire has created 4 printable Bruce-themed soup labels. Bubbo Ho-Tep and Brisco County, Jr. also get a nod. You can see and print them all out here. On a related note, if you haven't seen Army of Darkness, you need to do that right now.(via The Awesomologist)

Greatest t-shirt design ever? It might just be. Dutchmen Bas Van de Poel and Daan Van Dam have created these ingenious shirts. Apparently it has been done in the past for a Burger King-sponsered football club, but having the Burger King's face on the inside of your shirt is decidedly less cool. No word on if or when these will ever actually become available. If you really want one, you can probably get one made for (and of) yourself. (via Style Savage)

Like most footballers, Kak√° is probably better than you. He's good looking, has tons of money, is adored by women and men the world over for his incredible soccer skills--the guy can't lose (except for being banned from the game against Portugal). He's also the new face of Adidas SLVR. SLVR, if you didn't know, is Adidias' more stylish, less sporty line. Solid colors still abound but the pieces are generally slimmer and geared toward looking good and being stylish rather than athletic functionality and flair. And there is a conspicuous lack of three-stripe branding. (via GQ)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mastermind JAPAN apparently just released the line for their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It turns out I don't care. Neither should you. The Japanese luxury brand is known for exclusivity, and numerous scientific studies have linked exclusivity to outrageous prices. So by the transitive property, Mastermind is outrageously priced.

You may thinking that the sandal above looks nice--sturdy, comfortable, everything you'd want from a solid flip flop. And it is. But it's also an unacceptable $715. You're apparently paying for the fact that only about three of every piece in any given Mastermind collection are produced. Now, it's nice to own things that nobody else has. It's like being the first to have something, except forever. That's a perk I can get behind. What I can't get behind is paying more than $60 (and that's pushing it) for a pair of sandals. I will commend the brand, though: for their insane prices and lofty reputation, their pieces are less extravagant than you'd expect. They eschew the over-the-top, no-one-will-actually-wear-this style that seems to pervade high fashion these days. Be that as it may, even if I had the money, I couldn't see it happening.

Cheap shots:
Flip Flops: Havaianas for$18-$32
Sandals: Olukai for $65-$150

The Daily Three

You've probably wondered what it might be like if the technology of today had been available yesterday (where yesterday is roughly 30 years ago). You haven't? You need to wonder more--it's one of life's great pleasures. Anyway, Alex Varanese certainly has. And the graphic designer/neo-ultra-hip artist has created a collection of 14 pieces that answers such a question. Titled "Alt/1977", the pieces smack of Atari influence, from the colors to the designs. Check the whole thing out at his website. (via The Ringer)

If you live in Atlanta and you've been trying to figure out what the recent source of heat is, don't jump to conclusions and think it's just Summer. It may well be artist Erika Iris Simmons (aka Iri5). A few years ago, after noticing the resemblance an unwound cassette had to Jimi Hendrix's hair, Iri5 decided to expand on the notion. The result is an extensive collection of ruined-cassettes-made-art titled "Ghost in the Machine". Kurt Cobain (above, if you couldn't tell) is one of the most impressive, but they are all incredible to look at. Also of note, a spot on representation of The Dude. You can see the lot of 'em on her Flickr page. (via Cool Hunting)

This shoe is cool. Classy and casual all in one. Not entirely surprising, as it comes from CLAE, a brand that is inextricably casual and not infrequently classy. I personally love the combination of the psuedo-oxford upper and the red sneaker sole. This is a new version of the popular Ellington model, and will be available for CLAE's Fall/Winter collection. Enjoy. (via Hypebeast)

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Daily Three

Hat maker My Bob took the classic Panama hat and made a beautiful contemporary update here. The shot above are my favorite, but Hypebeast has posted up some other shots (which they in turn stole from StyleSavage). I've been looking for a summer hat, but have yet to find one that does the trick for me. This might be it. (via Hypebeast)

I don't know if these are available, but they sure are beautiful. Things Is Cool posted these Yuketen bucks up as old designs that are still classic, and this pair really caught my eye. The color--which a friend has told me is "roan"--is just perfect. It's incredibly rich and the shape of the shoe is timeless. Yuketen always delivers with solid beautifully made shoes and designs that never stray into WTF territory (and prices to match).

What you're looking at is a 5' 4" cardboard replica of an original Nintendo Gameboy. Fairly brilliant, I'd say. The buttons can be depressed, the power switch slides, the volume knob works. If they made games to match, you'd damn near be in business. You know what's not cool? Asking $500 for this. Apparently it's great for a collector or hardcore gamer...or anyone who wants to waste their money. So, I guess I'll soon be the proud owner of a 5' 4" cardboard gameboy. (via LikeCool)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Quickies: SILENT by Damir Doma

Quickies will be shortish posts, usually about a single item I feel compelled to talk about, for better or worse.

Damir Doma is usually in the business of creating high fashion pieces--the items that no one ever actually wears except for the people modeling them on the runways. Some of there pieces seem viable. Their shoes are amongst those pieces. And their shoes are usually, well, cleaner.

I'm about to drop a comparison that many people will find extremely offensive. I will defend them only to say that they are also accurate. These look like Holocaust shoes. No joke. And honestly, any shoe that can be linked in any way to the Holocaust that isn't a Holocaust shoe, should not be produced. The entire collection, snaps of which can be seen here, has the same look. No surprise: the designer is half German (yeah, I went there). (via Hypebeast)

The Daily Three

Sorry for no post yesterday. Maybe these awesome gets will make up for it.

To accompany the impending release of Toy Story 3, Complex has posted up a guide on how to dress like three of the stars of the film. Now, The duds aren't dead on (if you follow the advice for dressing like Buzz you look like a space gangster. Which actually sounds awesome. So maybe accuracy isn't too important.) The items are close enough to work, and the entire concept is pretty damn original and humorous. (via Complex)

This silly wall mounted toaster device is the awesome. You can place it right in the kitchen, next to your FutureMachine or your UltraThing. The Zuse toaster by Inseq design is no ordinary toaster. It senses the presence of food and then toasts designs into it via matrix printer technology (like the Ernest Hemingway likeness above). So you can tell it to "print" a tic-tac-toe board onto your bread, and then play with PB&J instead of X's and O's (my idea, patented). Like all things futuristic, awesome, and shiny, this isn't in production yet. But maybe if you write an avid email to those genius designers Inseq, they'll start rolling these out for your Kitchen of the Future. (via Things Is Cool)

There's no story here other than sometimes it's quite alright to dress pets up. Cats and dogs are not acceptable. But when you dress up your turtle as a ninja, thereby creating a manifest of your childhood and the childhoods of millions of now-20 somethings, you can't go wrong. (via LikeCool)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Useless Product

The next step for people who wear glasses frames without lenses: the watch without a watch. In a dribbling of creativity, Rogan has released the "Timeless Watch". See what they did there? I do: they made a bracelet and tried to give it a clever name. But what apparently makes this untimepiece acceptable is that it was made from old watches. So it's "sustainable". I'm not sure that's what environmentalist had in mind when they were thinking of sustainability. And what cost them literally nothing, is costing you $110. If I ever see someone wearing one of these, I will hook onto it and throw them to the ground. And then I'll tell them that they are useless, just like this not-watch. (via Cool Hunting, who actually attempted to defend this piece of crap by asserting that it challenges certain norms and even acts as a social commentary)

The Daily Three

Complex posted up an excellent guide to some summer blues. No, not a way to get through the woes of summer (do those exist?)--a guide to a wardrobe essential, the chambray/denim shirt. I just got one from Banana Republic and I love it. The nice thing about this guide is that they have something in here for every price range. I like to pair mine with a solid pair of slim-fitting chinos. Avoid pairing with jeans unless you are an actual cowboy or Ralph Lauren. If you're missing a chambray or denim shirt, check this guide, choose one you like, and buy it (or an equivalent. I'd go with chambray, which has a less rigid, more lightweight feel than most denim, but is still an extremely durable fabric. (via Complex)

Now, I won't the style merit of this item, but the marketing can't be beat. There are few things more useful than a spontaneous, as-needed pillow. And now you can have that anywhere you go when you're sporting a tie. The patterns aren't that bad, but this is: it's a clip on. That could have been avoided in the design process, right? Anyway, for $20 bucks, you can sleep through the monotony of a company meeting. (via LikeCool)

That feeling you just felt in your face was the hand of style slapping you for not already owning a pair of these shoes. That warm feeling on your backside is the money you saved not buying them. A Bathing Ape and Regal teamed up for these suede boat shoes that come in three colorways (olive, tan, navy). For $240ish, they aren't cheap, but they are quality. They can be purchased here by any Asian friend you may have acquired for such an occasion. Look below for the same style for less money. (via SLAMXHYPE)

Cheap Shots:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Daily Three

Minutio just became the coolest earphone brand ever. I love music, and think it's important to do so (for everyone, but maybe I'll talk about that later). Looking awesome WHILE enjoying music is a plus. When it comes to music, style, quality, and price rarely intermingle. With these little bulletbuds you get all three. $250, Teknine bullets, and great sound. Think that price is steep? Swap your white iPod earbuds out for a day and try these. You won't want to go back. Ever. These bad boys will be available later this month over here, but for now, you can read a bit more from the source, LikeCool.

John Woo today served up a dish of what one might call Star Wars Milanese. Take one part classic Star Wars character, one part fashionista, mix until well blended, and then sketch. The above is Jango Fett in what I would deem appropriately. Labels in the series of sketches include Band of Outsiders, Thom Browne, A.P.C. and several more. And of course, Jar Jar Binks looks like a complete moron. Check it out at The Pursuit Aesthetic.

Is old man Wilson giving you shit? Dennis and the fam out of town? Take matters into your own hand with this classic slingshot. This isn't that little twig you made when you were eight that was good for one shot before it snapped and hit you in the eye. This thing is made from wood commonly found in Minnesota. Shit in Minnesota is notoriously durable. Here's an environmentalist plus, the wood used is classified as an invasive species, so each slingshot you buy curbs its detrimental effect. Get it on the cheap here. (via The Pursuit Aesthetic).

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Daily Three

Want to get drunk outside this summer? Valet has the hook up for what you need to keep your brews cold. The bottom line: Quality cooler, packed to capacity, a bit of water, tons of ice, and a bit of salt to make the water cold. More details at the link above. The cooler they recommend is a classic Coleman for about $150. Now, you can't go wrong here, but if money is tight (which it always is), check the options below.

Cheap Shots:
Coleman from $50
Thermos from $25

Do you suck at pouring beer? Can't control how much head ends up in the cup? A brilliant solution to your bibulous conundrum is (hopefully) on its way. The Argentinian design gurus at Sinapsis diseno have designed a cup that lets you pour a beer with or without foam. Count it: that's one less reason for your dad to be disappointed in you. (via LikeCool)

Wood Wood has released an abbreviated collection of team tees for the World Cup. The designs are original without being over the top, which is something that should always be appreciated. The only teams available are England, Algeria, Argentina, South Africa, France, and Germany (also known as the Big Six). That means if you're a US fan, you need to do two things. First, give up hope on the hopeless. And second, start supporting a legitimate footballing country. Maradona and Messi make Argentina a good starting point. (via SLAMXHYPE)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The (Late) Daily Three

I've never been one for off-centered graphic tees (maybe it's my OCD). But when it comes to fashion that incorporates any large part of my childhood, I'm game. These tees, if you couldn't see, pull right from the wonderful world of Mario, weaving the ivy-like Piranha Plants and the ubiquitous tubes. No word yet on if one of the tubes leads to a secret coin cache or not. 100% of the profits will go to the charity ACT Today. For more info, head over here. And don't just stop at that link, Destructoid may just be the best damn gaming site on the nets. I should know, my brother is an editor there, and he is awesome. (via Destructoid)

GQ delivered big time for the frugal buyers out there. Their latest slideshow (a GQ online staple) is "25 under $25" and it does not disappoint. Included are these classic all-white boat shoes available at H&M. The great thing abotu the options they show are that they are all classic looks and don't stray too far into Alexander McQueen or Ed Hardy territory. There are some great swim trunks, solid accessories, and undeniable fashionable shirts to be seen. (via GQ)

Ford enthusiasts rejoice. If you just rejoiced because you are a Taurus enthusiast, please leave this site and never come back. If your enthusiasm is rooted in the scenes from movies like Gone in 60 Seconds  or Bullitt, please read on. Ford has decided to start offering over 9,000 licenced restoration parts. What the hell does that mean? That means if you want to build a 1967 Mustang, you don't need to make a single trip to the scrap yard to find that damn carburetor. All you need to do is click here and you'll be one step closer to being as cool as Steve McQueen (an unattainable, but admirable goal). (via Por Homme)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Not content with international combat failure, the Army has endeavored to fail in the wonderful world of Fashion as well. These boots look like a secret pair you might open up in a shitty combat game. The item you work your ass off for, only to be disappointed when it is finally unlocked.

They are actually using the phrase "Combat Couture", which is not a thing, nor should it ever be. And this is apparently a partnership with PSFG, a brand linked closely to Ed Hardy--so we can't be too surprised here. They'll be available at Kohl's later this month, right next to the Coogi jeans and other shit no one should ever wear.

Cheap Shots:
VPT Rip Hammer for $9.49 (apply liberally to your own skull as alternative to buying the above boots)

The Daily Three

As you may or may not be aware. Twinkies are delicious. They are also quite malicious. Not only are they unhealthy, but along with cockroaches, when the nuclear apocalypse comes--and I have it on good authority from a guy I met on the street that it'll be here any day now unless we do some heavy repenting--they'll be the only thing left. What makes them so savory and long-lasting? Photographer Dwight Eschliman gives you a closer look here. (via Cool Hunting).

My friend sent me a link the other day to a website for small production company called Whitestone Motion Pictures. They've got about 10 films up on the site at the moment. Last night, I took time out o fmy busy schedule to watch Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man, a 20 minute short film that tells the backstory to world's most lovable oil junkie (based on the story provided in the original The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum). It was stellar. The acting was just fine, but aesthetically it was wonderful, and the original music was perfect. I look forward to watching more, as should you.

It's a fancy box of crayons. But not jsut any crayons. For the upcoming World Cup, Nike and various others have collaborated on the "Write the Future" campaign. Included in this neat (the only word to describe it, really) box set are six hand-carved crayon by crayon carver (I shit you not) Diem Chau. Now, ordinarily I would think this absurd, but the elegance and passion with which this was seemingly put together is undeniable. Take a look at more shots here. Very impressive. (via NOTCOT)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Useless Product

Yes, it says "Artisinal Pencil Sharpening." This is not, unfortunately a joke. David Rees has continued a tradition that includes bottled water and internet-ordered ice: providing a service no one actually needs. And sucking the money from the saps who fall for it. Don't be mistaken. This is not a guy who will carve your pencil into an ornate piece of wood by way of whittling or crafty woodworking. Mr. Rees is merely presenting you with the opportunity to pay him $12.50 per fucking pencil to let him do the sharpening for you. 

This is a perfect service for the fat kid who sits at the side of class opposite the pencil sharpener. Aside from that, its pretty much useless. As Rees told Details, "I'm going to have an authentic, honest-to-God encounter with your pencil...I want to get these things fucking sharp as shit. And when you get it back, you're like, 'Whoa. It's actually vaguely menacing how sharp this thing is." Frankly, sharpening a pencil was something I used to savor: getting up in class, emptying the shavings, finding the right size hole, feeling the smooth churn of the sharpener as it ground the tip of your pencil to a fine point. Sharpening the pencil was a love affair int he middle of class. So, instead of sending your pencils to this conman, bring back the magic of your schoolboy days here. Thanks Staples.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Daily Three

If I were just a few bucks short of the money needed to buy these boots, I would literally rob a homeless person. That's how amazing Wolverine's 1000 Mile boots are. With a 125-year history, a pair of these boots embody, at once, elegance, utility, and style. At $325, they aren't cheap, but they also won't exactly break the bank for the use you'll get from them. (via Hypebeast) Although I usually don't--and there is no substitute for a Wolverine--I've included some wallet-friendly options below.

Cheap Shots: 

This is Jeremiah. He dresses better than you. It's not an assertion or an argument I am trying to make. It's a fact. He will probably always dress better than you. I won't claim I ever looked this stylish when I was his age, but there is a photo of me on my tricycle wearing blue chino shorts and a pink Ralph Lauren polo. So I was close.. Street Etiquette--a sartorial web masterpiece that has been getting press everywhere from here to GQ--posted as the lead-in to a piece on the style phases we all go through during life. The link above is to the article that has the pic, but I encourage you to take a look around; the two gents who run the site are two of the best dressed people in the country, and they do it on the cheap.

This kid is far too aware of how fucking cool he is. This story has been floating around for a few weeks, but LikeCool just posted up a video of the kid goofing off. I can't say I endorse a 2-year old smoking, but I can say that if he is only two and he can already smoke nearly as well as the master Humphrey Bogart, think of the things he will be doing by the time he is 10, or even 20. This kid is going to revolutionize the delicate art of cigarette smoking. And to all those naysayers, I say: sit down, shut up, and let the revolution begin.