Friday, June 18, 2010

Quickies: SILENT by Damir Doma

Quickies will be shortish posts, usually about a single item I feel compelled to talk about, for better or worse.

Damir Doma is usually in the business of creating high fashion pieces--the items that no one ever actually wears except for the people modeling them on the runways. Some of there pieces seem viable. Their shoes are amongst those pieces. And their shoes are usually, well, cleaner.

I'm about to drop a comparison that many people will find extremely offensive. I will defend them only to say that they are also accurate. These look like Holocaust shoes. No joke. And honestly, any shoe that can be linked in any way to the Holocaust that isn't a Holocaust shoe, should not be produced. The entire collection, snaps of which can be seen here, has the same look. No surprise: the designer is half German (yeah, I went there). (via Hypebeast)

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