Friday, June 18, 2010

The Daily Three

Sorry for no post yesterday. Maybe these awesome gets will make up for it.

To accompany the impending release of Toy Story 3, Complex has posted up a guide on how to dress like three of the stars of the film. Now, The duds aren't dead on (if you follow the advice for dressing like Buzz you look like a space gangster. Which actually sounds awesome. So maybe accuracy isn't too important.) The items are close enough to work, and the entire concept is pretty damn original and humorous. (via Complex)

This silly wall mounted toaster device is the awesome. You can place it right in the kitchen, next to your FutureMachine or your UltraThing. The Zuse toaster by Inseq design is no ordinary toaster. It senses the presence of food and then toasts designs into it via matrix printer technology (like the Ernest Hemingway likeness above). So you can tell it to "print" a tic-tac-toe board onto your bread, and then play with PB&J instead of X's and O's (my idea, patented). Like all things futuristic, awesome, and shiny, this isn't in production yet. But maybe if you write an avid email to those genius designers Inseq, they'll start rolling these out for your Kitchen of the Future. (via Things Is Cool)

There's no story here other than sometimes it's quite alright to dress pets up. Cats and dogs are not acceptable. But when you dress up your turtle as a ninja, thereby creating a manifest of your childhood and the childhoods of millions of now-20 somethings, you can't go wrong. (via LikeCool)

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