Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Useless Product

The next step for people who wear glasses frames without lenses: the watch without a watch. In a dribbling of creativity, Rogan has released the "Timeless Watch". See what they did there? I do: they made a bracelet and tried to give it a clever name. But what apparently makes this untimepiece acceptable is that it was made from old watches. So it's "sustainable". I'm not sure that's what environmentalist had in mind when they were thinking of sustainability. And what cost them literally nothing, is costing you $110. If I ever see someone wearing one of these, I will hook onto it and throw them to the ground. And then I'll tell them that they are useless, just like this not-watch. (via Cool Hunting, who actually attempted to defend this piece of crap by asserting that it challenges certain norms and even acts as a social commentary)

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