Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Daily Three

Complex posted up an excellent guide to some summer blues. No, not a way to get through the woes of summer (do those exist?)--a guide to a wardrobe essential, the chambray/denim shirt. I just got one from Banana Republic and I love it. The nice thing about this guide is that they have something in here for every price range. I like to pair mine with a solid pair of slim-fitting chinos. Avoid pairing with jeans unless you are an actual cowboy or Ralph Lauren. If you're missing a chambray or denim shirt, check this guide, choose one you like, and buy it (or an equivalent. I'd go with chambray, which has a less rigid, more lightweight feel than most denim, but is still an extremely durable fabric. (via Complex)

Now, I won't the style merit of this item, but the marketing can't be beat. There are few things more useful than a spontaneous, as-needed pillow. And now you can have that anywhere you go when you're sporting a tie. The patterns aren't that bad, but this is: it's a clip on. That could have been avoided in the design process, right? Anyway, for $20 bucks, you can sleep through the monotony of a company meeting. (via LikeCool)

That feeling you just felt in your face was the hand of style slapping you for not already owning a pair of these shoes. That warm feeling on your backside is the money you saved not buying them. A Bathing Ape and Regal teamed up for these suede boat shoes that come in three colorways (olive, tan, navy). For $240ish, they aren't cheap, but they are quality. They can be purchased here by any Asian friend you may have acquired for such an occasion. Look below for the same style for less money. (via SLAMXHYPE)

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