Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Inspired by this, I bring you these:

George, John, Ringo, Paul.




Keith, William. Andy.


Breakfast is cool.

What Worked (Deluxe Edition)

It's time, once again, for another edition of What Worked. It's been a while, so here's a primer: I see a great outfit when I'm out and about, usually in the Foggy Bottom area of DC, which is plagued by frat guys and lookalike college students. In that environment, a well-dressed gent is easy to spot. Even then, well-dressed isn't usually enough to catch my eye--at least not so much so that it merits a post. I'm looking for guys who do it right, and do something a bit original. And keep in mind, just because these outfits "worked," doesn't mean they will work on you. Know yourself and know your style. But never be afraid to experiment.

Today, we've got three guys who were nailing it, all three of whom happened to be African American.

I spotted the first in Dupont, where a dapper man is no rare sight. The guy was wearing raw (unwashed) denim on the bottom and a rolled-up white button-down (collar out) under a lavender argyle v-neck sweater on top. Shoes were Polo 'Giles' (cheap, and they come in dozens of colorways). He rounded it out with a pair of black shades and a black hat to match (flat brim, obviously).

Hat: 59Fifty White Sox from $27

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer for $145
Sweater: Banana Republic for $80
Shirt: Banana Republic for $70
Jeans: A.P.C. for $165
Shoes: Polo Giles for $48

Number Two! Spotted at the GW Deli (G Street and 22nd, killer empanadas). An obvious college student, but one who obviously isn't afraid to strike out on his own when it comes to style. The best part of the getup was the green cords. He rocked a vintage Boys and Girls Club tee (substituted here with a Tootsie Pop shirt), tan shoes, and a braves hat.

Hat: 59Fifty from $28
Shirt: Tootsie Pop Tee for $26
Pants: Jeckerson for $139
Shoes: Sperry Top-Siders for $100

Vintage tees: I use them under other shirts most often, as a bottom layer. But they can be worn alone, obviously. Go to your local Goodwill or any other second-hand store for what will surely be an overwhelming selection. Goodwill is your best, cheapest bet. But it's also a bit seedier than other places. Check out, a database of thrift/vintage stores across the nation. Look to pay $5-$25, depending on where you go.
Keep your cords sharp: The narrower the wales (that's the bumpy part) the less formal the pants. Grab a pair with narrow wales that fits slim--not snug--like your jeans do (or should). Feel free to roll them a few times if the mood/weather calls for it.

Finally: A rugged look on a refined gent with an epic afro. I'm going to try to reconstruct this outfit entirely from J. Crew, just to see if I can. It's all in their vein, so it shouldn't be too hard. Rolled selvedge jeans, brown vest, rolled sleeves on a plaid button down, mocs, brown belt, black scarf. Here we go.

Scarf: Cashmere for $68
Vest: Harvest Herringbone for $125
Shirt: Secret Wash Chapman Tartan for $65
Belt: Roller-buckle for $40
Pants: Levi's 501 Frank for $158
Shoes: Quoddy Bluchers for $230

Did it. Every item from J. Crew. Granted the shirt was a little darker, but I'll take it.

Stay tuned for more of What Worked. As I see them, as I post them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For Your Girlfriend

Send this to your girlfriend. Or the girl you want to be your girlfriend.

Seriously. You're welcome.  (via LikeCool)

An Open Letter to Prada

Dear Prada,

Thank you. Never being able to afford your various wares was not enough (not wanting to, in most cases, certainly helped). But I could always count on you to point me towards the upcoming trends in fashion. As often seems to be the case, you Italian fashion houses seem to be ahead of the curve. You opt for this or that pattern for your fall line, and us Americans do so a year or so later. You've always been reliable when it comes to this. And this time, there's no exception.

With the "Creeper," it's refreshing to know that clown shoes and colorways will be making a comeback this upcoming summer. I'm not only excited to dust off my oversized Bozo shoes that have been sitting on the top shelf of my closet since I was 4, but I'm excited for the thousands of clowns and Clown College students that no longer have to change their shoes when going into public. It's just great news all around.

And thank god for those thick soles you've brought back. After years of shame, you've validated the Spice Girls' footwear selections. And with that same stroke, you've made Skecher Shape-Ups cool.

Your gift, as always, is undeniable and everlasting.


The Best Thing Since Yesterday

(via The Shoe Buff)

Hint for the Reader: Like the top-to-bottom proportions of a car (the Chevy Aveo Sedan is not an acceptable car), your shoes will look goofy if the sole-to-upper proportions are off. The Pradas above are an excellent example of such a thing.

And Now for Something Fantastic...

We've all been to movie sites. will give you too much shit you just don't care about. Rotten Tomatoes requires a screening process to become a reviewer, and sure, it's a great place for an overall gauge of a movie, but you won't find much else there. IMdB will get you caught in the Wikipedia Vortex of never-ending clicking until you find yourself at Kevin Bacon, when all you wanted was Jon Hamm. Metacritic serves the same purpose of Rotten Tomatoes, but it's less reliable and has a worse reputation. And Ain't It Cool News is just fucking obnoxious. The list goes on, and every single one leaves you wanting for just a bit more. Well, want no more, weary surfers.

Flixist, the greatest movie site ever created, went live this Monday. And to no one's surprise, they're killing it. Standardized review scoring and multiple viewpoints for every review? Check. Exclusive videos of movies that aren't even out yet? Check. People who know what the hell they are talking about? Check. People who care about movies like you do? Check. The list, again, goes on. But instead of being left wanting, you're left with a satisfied calm only achieved by the greatest of websites. This is one of them. Don't agree with something the staff writers have to say? Join the community and start an epic flame war. Don't be shy, community is the backbone of the site (along with fantastic writing) Oh, and also, my brother runs the site. And one of my best friends writes for it. No bias.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Jones and Me

A few months ago, the good people at had a sale on a few pieces from London watch desinger Mr. Jones Watches. They are the kind of time pieces you don't think of. The ones that you wear and every once in a while, a friend--or better yet, a beautiful woman sitting next to you at the bar--can't help but ask, "What's that watch you're wearing?" And it's not because it's a gorilla-sized piece of bling, or because its got an ornate shape. It's because of whats on the dial.

The above two watches are called "The Average Day" and "The Accurate." Click the image so you can read through the average day's dial. At present, Mr. Jones offers 7 watches in its "permanent collection" and 5 watches of varying availability. The "Everyday Special" is a set of 366 one-offs, each with a different date as the minute and hour hand.You can go to the main site (link above) and see if your birthday was still available. There's something truly justifiable about a watch you wear once a year, even if it costs $185. All of the watches are available directly. You can also get some of the models at a slight discount at Watchismo.

The idea behind these watches, for me at least, is that you're getting something unique. This isn't one of the standard watches on your dresser. This is a fun watch, but not something that's so out there that you'll have trouble finding something it goes with. As with all such items (watches and others), it should be worn sparingly and modestly. Let the compliments and intrigued glances come naturally.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dell Venue Pro joins AppleTV, Communism the Great Ideas Destined for Failure Club (meetings are biannually held on Sweetest Day in the cockpit of the Spruce Goose). It looks like Dell has put in its bid for the next "cool" phone. The Dell Venue Pro ($TBA) runs Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's latest foray into the smartphone operating system market. It seems intriguing: real-time updates for "tiles" that you choose for your screens. 

Here are the issues: 

1) Dell is submitting an entry to a contest that's already been closed. Android, iPhone, and Blackberry have the smartphone market somewhat cornered. 
2) To my knowledge, there has yet to be a successful Windows OS phone. As a lifelong Windows user, I feel I have earned the right to voice an opinion here: Windows is only dominant because it long ago achieved a state of comfort and complacency in the minds of the global consumer. Seriously, would you buy food with that many bugs in it?
3) It's being released on T-Mobile. Coffin, meet nail.

Dell's best bet for these likely trashcan fillers is the route which they have taken with all of their peripherals: free with your purchase of one shitty computer. (via Uncrate)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Ingenuity Triumphs

Two things caught my eye today during my blog troll. One is simple and elegant; one is complex, exhaustive, and mind-boggling. Both are evidence of ingenuity in today's market. Here's the first:

You may be thinking, "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" It's one of those obvious creations that anyone could have thought up, but the gents over at GW International got there first. The trade show at which this toilet neighbor was unveiled had it similarly stocked with bathroom necessities. But I shun this notion that it must be for such things. How bout three side panels. The one by my head is for bathtime snacks. The one in the middle is for my water torpedo, rubber ducky, and army men. The one at my feet is for my goggles and snorkel gear. The one on the end of the tub will be for shampoo, conditioner, and solving the debate as to which one is better. (via LikeCool)

Here's number two:

Unfathomably exhaustive. That's the only way to describe the Astor & Black's new Bespoke Visualizer. Well, you could also describe it as Bespeak (from Alan Flusser) on crack. Both are true. You can literally create any suit you want. And you can go beyond that to customize the shirt, tie, vest, and even an overcoat. It seems gimmicky; but these are the kind of suits that will make people complete forget how shitty your PowerPoint presentation to the board was all because they are gawking at the impeccably craftsmanship thats draped effortlessly on your person. The cheap ones start at $499. And that's with nothing going on. These are great entry level suits that look like they were crafted for the gods. And yes, I did make a Cash Money Green suit with an All About the Benjamins lining. (via Esquire)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Word on Sunglasses

Two recent items have spurned me to write a bit on sunglasses. The first is a collaboration between Atlanta-based Wish and Portland-based Shwood Eyewear. The collab was done on Shwood's Govy model, which is essentially a wooden Wayfarer with a more pronounced bridge. Typically the wood for these frames come from East Indian Rosewood or Zebrawood (which bares strikingly little resemblance to a zebra). These bad boys are sourced from nondescript wood from "African countries." I'm assuming it's similar to blood diamonds, but with wood.

Only 50 were made, each individually numbered and hand-everythinged. As such, they are all gone, so if you want them, you'll have to steal a pair or hunt your heart out online.

The second, and far more important pair of shades are Persols (if you know eyewear, you know the name; if you don't, check the link). But these aren't your everyday Persols. These are the Persols favored by the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen (if you don't know who he need to leave).

Note the extra hinges on the bridge and temple pieces. A questionably necessary addition to increase portability? Certainly. Cool? Absolutely. There's no shortage of these classic eyepieces, and Sunglasses Hut has you covered, starting at $310. Go for the tortoise with blue lenses, McQueen's favorite.

Sunglasses--and eyewear in general--can be tricky. You can rely on the go-to guides for buying them. But what it boils down to is the shape of your head. I have quite a limited range for eyewear, and have landed with these Armani frames. The bottom line with glasses is that you need something that looks good and feels good on you. There's good odds that whatever may be the latest trend for shades just won't look good on you. Don't worry, that'll make the frames you find all the more special. You'll be the guy who people say "Damn! I've never seen those pulled off...but it works on him." Everyone wants to be that guy.  As with all shopping: avoid doing it online when possible, and always bring a friend.

For a daily dose on eyewear, check out FrameGeek.

A Questionably Triumphant Return

2 1/2 months. You've probably been feeling it. That emptiness in your stomach or maybe in your kidneys.That's how long it's been since the last post here at TBTSY. There have been lamentations for more. More style. More tips. More everything. Well, ask and you shall receive. Starting right about now, TBTSY is back.


Not without a few changes though. For now, The Daily Three will not occur. It take's far more time than you might thing, and that's a good amount of time I just don't have anymore. I'm hoping to do some features. Not sure on what, yet, but they will be coming, and they will be scintillating. Other classics such as What Worked, Unacceptable, Useless and Quickies. Enjoy.