Thursday, May 27, 2010

The ABC's of Style: W is for Watch Carefully...

It's a play on words. Because this post is about the importance of wearing a watch. First, you should wear one. Looking at your phone to tell what time it is is somewhat more inconvenient, and infinitely less stylish and refined than using a watch. Second, look to spend NO LESS than $85, since in the world of watches, higher price almost always means higher quality. Watches are investments. That's how some people (not I) justify buying a Patek Phillipe or Vacheron Constantin. Watches aren't toys, and watches aren't underwear: you should buy one for keeps and treat it like you're going to own it forever (no skidmarks here!). Below is one of my favorite watch of all times, not least because Steve McQueen (the coolest man to ever have lived), the Tag Heuer Monaco ($2,500). It was also a favorite piece of Sammy Davis, Jr.

This is a good starting off point for my take on watches. In my opinion, you only NEED one watch. However, I feel that having a variety of timepieces is a good move. I think 3 should do the trick: steel band, black leather band, and brown leather band. However, 5 is better: the previous three plus a gold band, and a sports watch.

The steel metal is the universal watch that you can really do anything with. I have several friends with Invictas and they are all happy with them. They offer a solid line of reliable watches at a reasonable price. And they are always on sale, which is nice.

With the leather band watches, you're looking for something classy. These are watches you will be wearing to formal occasions. I have a brown leather Ted Baker that I'd fight someone for, and a black leather Guess watch I picked up at JFK Airport. The two below are excellent examples.

These can be purchased here and here, for $253 and $180, respectively.

As I recommended above, it can't hurt to have a gold band watch. Mine is a classic white-face Timex that I just inherited from my grandfather. Also, a sports watch is a crucial item for the casual weekend. I have a fantastic Bobby Jones watch that has garnered repeated compliments.

Here's the bottom line on watches: You'll want a variety so you can pair them with any outfit, which is why I own four (ironically, I am without the standard issue steel band). Polo with khaki shorts? You can throw on the gold band or the brown leather. Black suit? Black leather. Purple suit? Go home and change, asshole.

Oh, and here's the watch that got me thinking about this post: Nixon 'The Mellor'.

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