Friday, May 28, 2010

The ABC's of Style: Travel...Like an Adult

In the recent months I have repeatedly come across what can only be described as beautiful leather goods. It's given me a desire to update my luggage, which until this point in my life has consisted of lifeless, classless roller, a medium sized duffel bag, and a backpack suitcase hybrid that I picked up at LL Bean (which is amazing, but still not too classy). I think the image you set out when traveling is somewhat important. Sure, you may never see any of them again, but when traveling abroad or domestically, you act as an ambassador for wherever it is that you may be from. Represent yourself and those you love with style and class. The three items I'd love are a solid suitcase or messenger bag, a weekender bag, and an adult suitcase, of some sort. Here are some wonderful, albeit expensive. As always, cheap shot are at the end.

There's a classic simplicity to the TravelTeq Trash (as it's called). There's no crazy pocketry, no extraneous buckles. Just a simple zipper and a simple handle. It comes in a 17in version too, as well as a messenger (which is the same as above but with a strap). It also costs 455 British Money Units, which will put us West Siders (of the Atlantic) out about $660.

Next up is the versatile and almost always gorgeous weekends bag. It seems every brand thats ever made a bag has a decent version of this, but I like the idea of a more rigid model. The one below is the 25in Oxford by Swaine Adeney Brigg of St. James, London (as recommended by GQ style god Glenn O'Brien).

This piece of leather awesome is beautiful and accordingly priced at 1175 BMUs, or 1700 US Clams. Not the price you want to pay for your first weekender bag, so look below for some alternatives until you save up for this one.

Finally, I'd love to grab a traditional suitcase. There's something modestly stylish about an old rectangular suitcase from the old days. This is actually the piece that sparked my desire to write this post. It's a bit smaller than I'd like (18x13x, but the style is immaculate. By Dunhill. It's available briefly on for $1295 (you have to be a member).

Cheap Shots
Briefcase.Messenger: Torino for $265, David King for $90
Weekend Bag: Chiarugi for $850, Castello Torino for $200
Suitcase: No such thing as a cheap version of this, apparently. Let me know if you find one.

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