Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Worked: Summer Simple

Today's edition of what worked plays nice with little to no accessorizing and simple style. The first one is a simple pairing, no fuss. This outfit is elegant without being flashy, classy without being pretentious. Remember: Summer is about relaxing and taking a breather. And that goes for clothes, too. Shed the layers and keep it simple this summer.

Shirt: Burberry for $110
Pants: Shipley & Halmos for $195
Shoes: To Boot New York for $288

This outfit: No need for a belt, let the polo drop over the waist of your pants (and not any farther!). And don't wear your mocs with socks (but if you have to, check these out).

On mocs: Get a pair. They're comfortable, versatile, and look great all the time. To Boot New York makes an amazing pair (shown above) that has extremely soft, pliable leather so you get a casual feel that will last.

Cheap Shots (for those who don't want to drop $500+ on an outfit):
Shirt: Banana Republic for $40
Pants: Brooks Brothers for $70
Shoes: Ashton Grey for $90

Monday, April 25, 2011

For Your Prostitute Friend

Recently, most of my hooker pals have been lamenting the lack of innovation in high heel footwear. I can't blame them. Anybody who has been out at 3AM trolling for a good time in any major city has surely noticed the sea of sameness that has pervaded the feet of our country's streetwalkers. I've long been a proponent of taking inspiration from unconventional places. And now, so too have shoe designers.

The wonderful people at St. Augustine have just released these concept shoes with LED underlightings. I'm assuming the inspiration for these LED Stilettos was taken from the LED runners that brighten up the night at street racing events in your local hamlet. Now, as those cars illegally rip through your city, the ladies of the night can share in the delight of undercarriage luminescence. No word on pricing, but they will be widely available (like your prostitute friend) in 2012. Hot damn! (via LikeCool)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to Be A Supervillain

There are a few key aspects of being a supervillain: mindset, appearance, and action. As far as mindset and action goes, I can't help you much. Either you're an insane narcissist or you're not. It's one of those things you're born and/or neglected as a child into. Where I can help you out is appearance. You can be an insane, power-hungry villain and have a brilliant plot for world domination, but if you don't have the look, you don't have a thing. One thing every supervillain has is an evil-looking mode of transportation (remember the stealth boat from Tomorrow Never Dies?). Years ago (high school times) a friend of mine told me about Wally boats. Specifically, we were ogling the WallyPower 118.

The boat itself is intimidating. Nevermind whatever evil genius owns it. This is the kind of boat Satan cruises in. This is the top of extravagance. This is the type of boat where you sit on the back talking to the owner, say the wrong thing, and then he shoots you and tosses you overboard like you're nothing. Because you are. Or maybe the Coast Guard is hot on your tail because you just set off some hi-tech biowarfare. No problem: this boat will zip you away at 60 knots (for a boat this size, that's like light speed). Wally has you covered. Check out the deets on the Wally website above. (via BornRich)

Cheap Shots:
1964 Crownline Thompson G1400 for $1,200 (get it while it's hot!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 Millies for Your Honey

You ever have the urge to get your girlfriend an item similar to one you own so you guys can hit the town in matching style? You haven't? Good. That's not ok. If you've ever seen a couple wearing the same damn outfit, you understand. If you've ever actually worn your partner's clothing (and same-sex couples are exempt)...I don't really have any words for you, but I would like you to leave my site. Anyway, a while back I posted these epic earphones. And now some hipster on Etsy has put these in their virtual storefront:

How great are they? Those kids over at Etsy have it all! I've got a friend who rags on Etsy on the regular, but I have to admit, hipster or not, they are creative. The "artist" (who likes Fall, lives with a cat, and uses words like "up-cycled") makes all kinds of crap out of bullets. Unfortunately for your violent hipster girlfriend, these earrings have been sold. But I bet if you asked real nice, he'd make another set for you. Or you can buy the shotgun shell cufflinks. Act quickly so you and your gal can strut in matching style (I'm assuming you've already purchased those earphones, right?). Maybe you can make up a story about how the metal for the bullets from your earphones and the metal for bullets from her earrings came from the same refinery and have a magical bond! (via Getting Beat Like You Stole Something)