Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Worked: Summer Simple

Today's edition of what worked plays nice with little to no accessorizing and simple style. The first one is a simple pairing, no fuss. This outfit is elegant without being flashy, classy without being pretentious. Remember: Summer is about relaxing and taking a breather. And that goes for clothes, too. Shed the layers and keep it simple this summer.

Shirt: Burberry for $110
Pants: Shipley & Halmos for $195
Shoes: To Boot New York for $288

This outfit: No need for a belt, let the polo drop over the waist of your pants (and not any farther!). And don't wear your mocs with socks (but if you have to, check these out).

On mocs: Get a pair. They're comfortable, versatile, and look great all the time. To Boot New York makes an amazing pair (shown above) that has extremely soft, pliable leather so you get a casual feel that will last.

Cheap Shots (for those who don't want to drop $500+ on an outfit):
Shirt: Banana Republic for $40
Pants: Brooks Brothers for $70
Shoes: Ashton Grey for $90

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