Monday, April 25, 2011

For Your Prostitute Friend

Recently, most of my hooker pals have been lamenting the lack of innovation in high heel footwear. I can't blame them. Anybody who has been out at 3AM trolling for a good time in any major city has surely noticed the sea of sameness that has pervaded the feet of our country's streetwalkers. I've long been a proponent of taking inspiration from unconventional places. And now, so too have shoe designers.

The wonderful people at St. Augustine have just released these concept shoes with LED underlightings. I'm assuming the inspiration for these LED Stilettos was taken from the LED runners that brighten up the night at street racing events in your local hamlet. Now, as those cars illegally rip through your city, the ladies of the night can share in the delight of undercarriage luminescence. No word on pricing, but they will be widely available (like your prostitute friend) in 2012. Hot damn! (via LikeCool)