Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to Be A Supervillain

There are a few key aspects of being a supervillain: mindset, appearance, and action. As far as mindset and action goes, I can't help you much. Either you're an insane narcissist or you're not. It's one of those things you're born and/or neglected as a child into. Where I can help you out is appearance. You can be an insane, power-hungry villain and have a brilliant plot for world domination, but if you don't have the look, you don't have a thing. One thing every supervillain has is an evil-looking mode of transportation (remember the stealth boat from Tomorrow Never Dies?). Years ago (high school times) a friend of mine told me about Wally boats. Specifically, we were ogling the WallyPower 118.

The boat itself is intimidating. Nevermind whatever evil genius owns it. This is the kind of boat Satan cruises in. This is the top of extravagance. This is the type of boat where you sit on the back talking to the owner, say the wrong thing, and then he shoots you and tosses you overboard like you're nothing. Because you are. Or maybe the Coast Guard is hot on your tail because you just set off some hi-tech biowarfare. No problem: this boat will zip you away at 60 knots (for a boat this size, that's like light speed). Wally has you covered. Check out the deets on the Wally website above. (via BornRich)

Cheap Shots:
1964 Crownline Thompson G1400 for $1,200 (get it while it's hot!)

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