Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 Millies for Your Honey

You ever have the urge to get your girlfriend an item similar to one you own so you guys can hit the town in matching style? You haven't? Good. That's not ok. If you've ever seen a couple wearing the same damn outfit, you understand. If you've ever actually worn your partner's clothing (and same-sex couples are exempt)...I don't really have any words for you, but I would like you to leave my site. Anyway, a while back I posted these epic earphones. And now some hipster on Etsy has put these in their virtual storefront:

How great are they? Those kids over at Etsy have it all! I've got a friend who rags on Etsy on the regular, but I have to admit, hipster or not, they are creative. The "artist" (who likes Fall, lives with a cat, and uses words like "up-cycled") makes all kinds of crap out of bullets. Unfortunately for your violent hipster girlfriend, these earrings have been sold. But I bet if you asked real nice, he'd make another set for you. Or you can buy the shotgun shell cufflinks. Act quickly so you and your gal can strut in matching style (I'm assuming you've already purchased those earphones, right?). Maybe you can make up a story about how the metal for the bullets from your earphones and the metal for bullets from her earrings came from the same refinery and have a magical bond! (via Getting Beat Like You Stole Something)

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