Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Jones and Me

A few months ago, the good people at had a sale on a few pieces from London watch desinger Mr. Jones Watches. They are the kind of time pieces you don't think of. The ones that you wear and every once in a while, a friend--or better yet, a beautiful woman sitting next to you at the bar--can't help but ask, "What's that watch you're wearing?" And it's not because it's a gorilla-sized piece of bling, or because its got an ornate shape. It's because of whats on the dial.

The above two watches are called "The Average Day" and "The Accurate." Click the image so you can read through the average day's dial. At present, Mr. Jones offers 7 watches in its "permanent collection" and 5 watches of varying availability. The "Everyday Special" is a set of 366 one-offs, each with a different date as the minute and hour hand.You can go to the main site (link above) and see if your birthday was still available. There's something truly justifiable about a watch you wear once a year, even if it costs $185. All of the watches are available directly. You can also get some of the models at a slight discount at Watchismo.

The idea behind these watches, for me at least, is that you're getting something unique. This isn't one of the standard watches on your dresser. This is a fun watch, but not something that's so out there that you'll have trouble finding something it goes with. As with all such items (watches and others), it should be worn sparingly and modestly. Let the compliments and intrigued glances come naturally.

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  1. watches can be like personalities... unique in their own special way :)