Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Ingenuity Triumphs

Two things caught my eye today during my blog troll. One is simple and elegant; one is complex, exhaustive, and mind-boggling. Both are evidence of ingenuity in today's market. Here's the first:

You may be thinking, "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" It's one of those obvious creations that anyone could have thought up, but the gents over at GW International got there first. The trade show at which this toilet neighbor was unveiled had it similarly stocked with bathroom necessities. But I shun this notion that it must be for such things. How bout three side panels. The one by my head is for bathtime snacks. The one in the middle is for my water torpedo, rubber ducky, and army men. The one at my feet is for my goggles and snorkel gear. The one on the end of the tub will be for shampoo, conditioner, and solving the debate as to which one is better. (via LikeCool)

Here's number two:

Unfathomably exhaustive. That's the only way to describe the Astor & Black's new Bespoke Visualizer. Well, you could also describe it as Bespeak (from Alan Flusser) on crack. Both are true. You can literally create any suit you want. And you can go beyond that to customize the shirt, tie, vest, and even an overcoat. It seems gimmicky; but these are the kind of suits that will make people complete forget how shitty your PowerPoint presentation to the board was all because they are gawking at the impeccably craftsmanship thats draped effortlessly on your person. The cheap ones start at $499. And that's with nothing going on. These are great entry level suits that look like they were crafted for the gods. And yes, I did make a Cash Money Green suit with an All About the Benjamins lining. (via Esquire)

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