Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Open Letter to Prada

Dear Prada,

Thank you. Never being able to afford your various wares was not enough (not wanting to, in most cases, certainly helped). But I could always count on you to point me towards the upcoming trends in fashion. As often seems to be the case, you Italian fashion houses seem to be ahead of the curve. You opt for this or that pattern for your fall line, and us Americans do so a year or so later. You've always been reliable when it comes to this. And this time, there's no exception.

With the "Creeper," it's refreshing to know that clown shoes and colorways will be making a comeback this upcoming summer. I'm not only excited to dust off my oversized Bozo shoes that have been sitting on the top shelf of my closet since I was 4, but I'm excited for the thousands of clowns and Clown College students that no longer have to change their shoes when going into public. It's just great news all around.

And thank god for those thick soles you've brought back. After years of shame, you've validated the Spice Girls' footwear selections. And with that same stroke, you've made Skecher Shape-Ups cool.

Your gift, as always, is undeniable and everlasting.


The Best Thing Since Yesterday

(via The Shoe Buff)

Hint for the Reader: Like the top-to-bottom proportions of a car (the Chevy Aveo Sedan is not an acceptable car), your shoes will look goofy if the sole-to-upper proportions are off. The Pradas above are an excellent example of such a thing.

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