Monday, June 21, 2010

The Daily Three

Hat maker My Bob took the classic Panama hat and made a beautiful contemporary update here. The shot above are my favorite, but Hypebeast has posted up some other shots (which they in turn stole from StyleSavage). I've been looking for a summer hat, but have yet to find one that does the trick for me. This might be it. (via Hypebeast)

I don't know if these are available, but they sure are beautiful. Things Is Cool posted these Yuketen bucks up as old designs that are still classic, and this pair really caught my eye. The color--which a friend has told me is "roan"--is just perfect. It's incredibly rich and the shape of the shoe is timeless. Yuketen always delivers with solid beautifully made shoes and designs that never stray into WTF territory (and prices to match).

What you're looking at is a 5' 4" cardboard replica of an original Nintendo Gameboy. Fairly brilliant, I'd say. The buttons can be depressed, the power switch slides, the volume knob works. If they made games to match, you'd damn near be in business. You know what's not cool? Asking $500 for this. Apparently it's great for a collector or hardcore gamer...or anyone who wants to waste their money. So, I guess I'll soon be the proud owner of a 5' 4" cardboard gameboy. (via LikeCool)


  1. Pretty sure "took my eye" isn't a phrase. Caught your eye? Also, in the same paragraph you said "it's incredible rich". Just keeping an eye out for ya

  2. Yeah, those Yuketen gems are from 2009, I believe. Still looking good though.