Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Daily Three

You've probably wondered what it might be like if the technology of today had been available yesterday (where yesterday is roughly 30 years ago). You haven't? You need to wonder more--it's one of life's great pleasures. Anyway, Alex Varanese certainly has. And the graphic designer/neo-ultra-hip artist has created a collection of 14 pieces that answers such a question. Titled "Alt/1977", the pieces smack of Atari influence, from the colors to the designs. Check the whole thing out at his website. (via The Ringer)

If you live in Atlanta and you've been trying to figure out what the recent source of heat is, don't jump to conclusions and think it's just Summer. It may well be artist Erika Iris Simmons (aka Iri5). A few years ago, after noticing the resemblance an unwound cassette had to Jimi Hendrix's hair, Iri5 decided to expand on the notion. The result is an extensive collection of ruined-cassettes-made-art titled "Ghost in the Machine". Kurt Cobain (above, if you couldn't tell) is one of the most impressive, but they are all incredible to look at. Also of note, a spot on representation of The Dude. You can see the lot of 'em on her Flickr page. (via Cool Hunting)

This shoe is cool. Classy and casual all in one. Not entirely surprising, as it comes from CLAE, a brand that is inextricably casual and not infrequently classy. I personally love the combination of the psuedo-oxford upper and the red sneaker sole. This is a new version of the popular Ellington model, and will be available for CLAE's Fall/Winter collection. Enjoy. (via Hypebeast)

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