Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mastermind JAPAN apparently just released the line for their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It turns out I don't care. Neither should you. The Japanese luxury brand is known for exclusivity, and numerous scientific studies have linked exclusivity to outrageous prices. So by the transitive property, Mastermind is outrageously priced.

You may thinking that the sandal above looks nice--sturdy, comfortable, everything you'd want from a solid flip flop. And it is. But it's also an unacceptable $715. You're apparently paying for the fact that only about three of every piece in any given Mastermind collection are produced. Now, it's nice to own things that nobody else has. It's like being the first to have something, except forever. That's a perk I can get behind. What I can't get behind is paying more than $60 (and that's pushing it) for a pair of sandals. I will commend the brand, though: for their insane prices and lofty reputation, their pieces are less extravagant than you'd expect. They eschew the over-the-top, no-one-will-actually-wear-this style that seems to pervade high fashion these days. Be that as it may, even if I had the money, I couldn't see it happening.

Cheap shots:
Flip Flops: Havaianas for$18-$32
Sandals: Olukai for $65-$150

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