Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Daily Three

This ain't no ordinary soup. This is the soup men eat before they do manthings. In celebration of Bruce Campbell's birthday, SciFi Wire has created 4 printable Bruce-themed soup labels. Bubbo Ho-Tep and Brisco County, Jr. also get a nod. You can see and print them all out here. On a related note, if you haven't seen Army of Darkness, you need to do that right now.(via The Awesomologist)

Greatest t-shirt design ever? It might just be. Dutchmen Bas Van de Poel and Daan Van Dam have created these ingenious shirts. Apparently it has been done in the past for a Burger King-sponsered football club, but having the Burger King's face on the inside of your shirt is decidedly less cool. No word on if or when these will ever actually become available. If you really want one, you can probably get one made for (and of) yourself. (via Style Savage)

Like most footballers, Kak√° is probably better than you. He's good looking, has tons of money, is adored by women and men the world over for his incredible soccer skills--the guy can't lose (except for being banned from the game against Portugal). He's also the new face of Adidas SLVR. SLVR, if you didn't know, is Adidias' more stylish, less sporty line. Solid colors still abound but the pieces are generally slimmer and geared toward looking good and being stylish rather than athletic functionality and flair. And there is a conspicuous lack of three-stripe branding. (via GQ)

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