Friday, June 25, 2010


Today I honor you with not three, but five (WHOA!) daily bits to keep you going through the weekend (and to make up for my lack of post yesterday). Enjoy.

Prepidemic, today, had Fin's as the focus of their Brands to Know article. As Fin's site says, they are "simple, classic, affordable, fuss-free, and fun. And that's what makes them so great. They come in most colors you'd ever want a shoe, from Palm Beach Violet to Como Olive. The look is classic, with none of the obnoxious frills that seem to be creeping into shoes that would be otherwise classic these days. Head on over to the site and order yourself a pair or five. You won't regret it. Oh, and Alexandra Finlay, the owner and founder, is pretty hot. So that helps.

This is not a joke. Well, it kind of is. Terrence Tittingfield (not his real name, I hope) founded the site Erotic Falconry, for orniphiles who love beautiful photography. The site includes falcon personals, erotic stills, and a film that, I shit you not, is "cumming soon." The concept is quite funny, though a bit lewd (even for me, which is saying something. Go take a look and be entertained and slightly weirded out. This is a product of Wisconsin, though, so we can't be too surprised. (via Kempt)

Style God Glenn O'Brien reports on his experiences with tailored shirts at his go-to shop, Ascot Chang. Ascot Chang has shops in New York and San Francisco, so if you don't live there, or you don't want to make the trip, you're out of luck. Btu from the way O'Brien talks about them, it'd be quite worth it. The piece also provides a good glimpse at the process that goes into making a tailored shirt, which, in my opinion is the ultimate sign of "I've Made It." Check out the article and get your learn on. Then get your tailored shirt on...if you have like $400. (via GQ)

I usually shy away from posting on new collections, but I had to make an exception here. A.P.C.'s new Resort collection just seems too flawless, too classic not to talk about. With this new collection, A.P.C., a label constantly lauded for their denim offerings (especially the New Standard), offers slim lines, solid colors, and classic overall style to make for a great set of pieces. The collection includes blazers, chinos, shirts, and shoes, so you could ostensibly wear all A.P.C. one day. (via Selectism)

Bill Clinton is a winner. He won the Presidential election twice. Can you win more than that? I don't think you can. A lot of Presidents finish up their term, write a memoir, build a library, and then disappear into the nebulous world of textbook fame. Bill Clinton is no such man. He was recently seen (repeatedly) enjoying the world cup. The picture above shows him being awesome at the recent US victory over Algeria. You think he just peaced out after? No. He stepped into the locker room with Landon and the boys to give them a talk about how damn proud he was of their playing. Click the picture, though, and get a closer look at his outfit. It's impeccable. He's ditched the presidential uniform for a pink gingham shirt with some real pop. And you can bet it's of the finest quality available to man: the guy makes like $100,000 per speaking appearance. What??? All he does is win, win, win. (via Valet)

You need at least one pink shirt (if you thought "Polo" when you read that, you're done). Here are some options:
Thomas Pink, for $250 (there is a good chance this is the shirt he is wearing, as Bill Clinton is known to favor Thomas Pink shirts)

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