Sunday, June 13, 2010

The (Late) Daily Three

I've never been one for off-centered graphic tees (maybe it's my OCD). But when it comes to fashion that incorporates any large part of my childhood, I'm game. These tees, if you couldn't see, pull right from the wonderful world of Mario, weaving the ivy-like Piranha Plants and the ubiquitous tubes. No word yet on if one of the tubes leads to a secret coin cache or not. 100% of the profits will go to the charity ACT Today. For more info, head over here. And don't just stop at that link, Destructoid may just be the best damn gaming site on the nets. I should know, my brother is an editor there, and he is awesome. (via Destructoid)

GQ delivered big time for the frugal buyers out there. Their latest slideshow (a GQ online staple) is "25 under $25" and it does not disappoint. Included are these classic all-white boat shoes available at H&M. The great thing abotu the options they show are that they are all classic looks and don't stray too far into Alexander McQueen or Ed Hardy territory. There are some great swim trunks, solid accessories, and undeniable fashionable shirts to be seen. (via GQ)

Ford enthusiasts rejoice. If you just rejoiced because you are a Taurus enthusiast, please leave this site and never come back. If your enthusiasm is rooted in the scenes from movies like Gone in 60 Seconds  or Bullitt, please read on. Ford has decided to start offering over 9,000 licenced restoration parts. What the hell does that mean? That means if you want to build a 1967 Mustang, you don't need to make a single trip to the scrap yard to find that damn carburetor. All you need to do is click here and you'll be one step closer to being as cool as Steve McQueen (an unattainable, but admirable goal). (via Por Homme)

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