Monday, June 14, 2010

The Daily Three

Want to get drunk outside this summer? Valet has the hook up for what you need to keep your brews cold. The bottom line: Quality cooler, packed to capacity, a bit of water, tons of ice, and a bit of salt to make the water cold. More details at the link above. The cooler they recommend is a classic Coleman for about $150. Now, you can't go wrong here, but if money is tight (which it always is), check the options below.

Cheap Shots:
Coleman from $50
Thermos from $25

Do you suck at pouring beer? Can't control how much head ends up in the cup? A brilliant solution to your bibulous conundrum is (hopefully) on its way. The Argentinian design gurus at Sinapsis diseno have designed a cup that lets you pour a beer with or without foam. Count it: that's one less reason for your dad to be disappointed in you. (via LikeCool)

Wood Wood has released an abbreviated collection of team tees for the World Cup. The designs are original without being over the top, which is something that should always be appreciated. The only teams available are England, Algeria, Argentina, South Africa, France, and Germany (also known as the Big Six). That means if you're a US fan, you need to do two things. First, give up hope on the hopeless. And second, start supporting a legitimate footballing country. Maradona and Messi make Argentina a good starting point. (via SLAMXHYPE)

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