Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Daily Three

If I were just a few bucks short of the money needed to buy these boots, I would literally rob a homeless person. That's how amazing Wolverine's 1000 Mile boots are. With a 125-year history, a pair of these boots embody, at once, elegance, utility, and style. At $325, they aren't cheap, but they also won't exactly break the bank for the use you'll get from them. (via Hypebeast) Although I usually don't--and there is no substitute for a Wolverine--I've included some wallet-friendly options below.

Cheap Shots: 

This is Jeremiah. He dresses better than you. It's not an assertion or an argument I am trying to make. It's a fact. He will probably always dress better than you. I won't claim I ever looked this stylish when I was his age, but there is a photo of me on my tricycle wearing blue chino shorts and a pink Ralph Lauren polo. So I was close.. Street Etiquette--a sartorial web masterpiece that has been getting press everywhere from here to GQ--posted as the lead-in to a piece on the style phases we all go through during life. The link above is to the article that has the pic, but I encourage you to take a look around; the two gents who run the site are two of the best dressed people in the country, and they do it on the cheap.

This kid is far too aware of how fucking cool he is. This story has been floating around for a few weeks, but LikeCool just posted up a video of the kid goofing off. I can't say I endorse a 2-year old smoking, but I can say that if he is only two and he can already smoke nearly as well as the master Humphrey Bogart, think of the things he will be doing by the time he is 10, or even 20. This kid is going to revolutionize the delicate art of cigarette smoking. And to all those naysayers, I say: sit down, shut up, and let the revolution begin.

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