Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Daily Three

These two gents took prom tradition, threw it out the window, went outside, shot it with an Uzi, and then threw it in a wood chipper. New York Magazine has an excellent pictorial up today showing off some of the most stylish NYC prom-goers. One photo is of a questionable, albeit good-looking, couple: 21 year old male, 17 year old female. Call the cops. (via Kempt)

Step 1) Place appropriate garbs on hooks according to the weather labels (Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair, Very Dry). Step 2) Connect The Online Coat Rack to the interwebs. Step 3) Let it tell you what to wear, according to the latest weather info. This could have been a candidate for the Useless post, but its actually. incredibly useful, albeit a bit superfluous. But the best gadgets always are. (via LikeCool)

Oh, look who got all hight and mighty on BP. Ross Robinson, whose name rolls too easily off the tongue to ever be taken seriously, decided to drop the original idea bomb on us with his combination of the BP logo and a skull--the international symbol for death. This shirt is perfect for those who feel there may be some confusion about how they--or the entire country, for that matter--feel about the BP fiasco. Here's a better idea: boycott the tee, do something real, and send Ross Robinson the message that activism has nothing to do with wearing a clever shirt. (via LikeCool)

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