Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Three

I hate Yohji Yamamoto for this entire collection (despite making one of the coolest pairs of sneakers ever). 1) These are two men whose parents are not proud of them, at least not at this moment. 2) I am tired of sites pretending this is brilliant work, when it is by far the worst of his work. 3) C'mon, Yohji! A pilgrim hat? Really? I mean, shit, look how badass these guys looked in your Fall/Winter 2010 collection. What happened, man? And pick some better models, ass. (via Por Homme)

Scott Campbell is a winner. How do I know? He has enough money for a laser etcher. And he has further enough money to use said laser etcher on stacks of ones to create awesome designs. Do you see what he did above, there, kids? That's a skull! He's got all kinds of cool tricks up his sleeve! He also does tattoos, which I hear are neat. (via A Time to Get)

This is what passes for art nowadays. Bohyun Yoon apparently didn't speak English (or understand that people don't wear mirrors on their heads) when he came to the US. So, inspired by the universality of facial expressions, he created this awkward head-mounted contraption. I can't decide which is more awkward, the piece itself, or the people wearing it in these pictures. (via designboom)

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