Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daily Three

I'll start off by saying that these shoes, from UK cobblers Tricker's, cost a whopping $700+. So you aren't going to be getting them. But that's not really the point. The point is the genius behind them. The laces on these shoes have been swapped out for some elastic placed in the heels. It's a perfect summer mix of casual, dress, and style. (via the always reliable Mister Crew)

This table is folding, not falling apart. Italian-designed (which really means nothing) furniture from Resource Furniture saves you more space than you can imagine. The Italian part just makes it that much better. Included in the collection is the table above, a bunk bed set that folds into the wall, and more. Check out the video here for more details. (via Walyou)

And you thought I'd never do a post focused on hanging strips of fabric! How naive! Not really, though. Those sleeves you're peeking at are from the label lecur (you don't capitalize it, apparently--fashion spits at grammar rules). Something about the entire collection caught my eye--the variety of colors and textures while not straying too far from classic cuts and looks. Well done lecur, well done. (via Hypebeast)

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