Friday, July 9, 2010

The Daily Three

Chambray swim trunks? You betcha! Surf shop Katin and label-cum-activists Apolis Activism have teamed up for what I would call a brilliant set of swimwear. These fall into the category of adult swimwear I was speaking about way back when. The three button fly, challsic material and subtle style notes make them an easy choice for both the beach and the boardwalk. Grab them at Apolis' store for $108. (via Hypebeast)

Classy meets casual with Patrik Ervell's latest. This slim-fit shawl collar cardigan is just an amazing piece. I'm not huge on the color, but I've never been huge on it, as it tends to wash my already extreme whiteness out a bit. If this came in navy, I don't know if I'd be able to hold back. Obviously not the best idea to be wearing in these humid summer days, but part of buying is thinking ahead. The savvy man shipping for Winter, shops in the Summer. It's sold out right now, but one can dream for a restock. (via Selectism)

Red Wing makes some damn fine shoes. Damn fine, indeed. And I hope this is just a bad shot or poor presentation, because I generally find myself liking what they have to offer (though it's often just a bit too clunky). The item above, from their showing at Bread and Butter Berlin, looks like dress shoes for a clown. Again, what I am hoping is that the laces are tied too tight making the upper half of the shoe seem smaller than it really is. What I am not hoping for is the beginnng of a new clown shoe trend in fashion. (via Selectism)

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