Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going to the Beach This Summer?

It's OK to act like you're 12 and build a sandcastle. And it's even OK to knock over your buddy's sandcastle when he says yours sucks. And don't hesitate to get those hot chicks to join you by pulling the classic overthrow a la American Pie. It's OK to do those things. What's not OK is dressing like a 12-year old at the beach: board shorts are for people with board skills, and odds suggest that you are not part of that group. It's time to drop the floral pattern waterchinos and go for something classic. That's where the Orlebar Brown Bulldog Swim Short comes in.

What you're looking at here is a masterpiece of swim craftsmanship, really. Note the details: zip fly, classic mesh lining, button fastener. These are swim shorts that can be worn on the boardwalk, in the water, and then to a decent dinner after a quick dry off from the day's waterfrollicking. ASOS has them for about $200, a price that is certainly steep, but no doubt takes into account the versatility inherent in these shorts, along with the confidence they exude (you can also get them direct from the designer in 20+ colors here). If the price doesn't fit for you, check out these instead: Ted Baker for $68 and Polo for $50. My go-to's are two pairs of John Ashford Sport swim shorts, in blue and red. I can't find them online though, so you'll have to find your own style.

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