Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I Need: Blue Suede Shoes

Elvis wasn't playing around when he told you to "stay the fuck off of my blue suede shoes" [sic]. Legend has it that Carl Perkins, who penned and recorded the original song in 1955, got the idea from Johnny Cash but was wary of writing a song about shoes, which he claimed to know nothing about. The final nudge that got him writing the classic was seeing a boy at a dance warn his apparently gorgeous girlfriend not to "step on his suedes". This guy was ready to drop this girl in a second if she scuffed his kicks. That's what it's all about..

Mark McNairy just released the shoes above, a beautiful pair of dark blue suede shoes that I'd probably kill a hobo for (if it makes it better, I'd give the shoes to Goodwill once I'd worn them out). For such a beautiful shoe, the $260ish price tag actually isn't bad. For the wallet and practicality, however, it's a disaster. Here are some other options: Nordstrom's 1901 Carson Oxford for $100; or if you hate your feet and are particularly cheap, check these x-brand (as in no brand at all) for about $40. I've had my eye on the 1901 Carsons, which also come in red and white, for quite some time.

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