Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Daily Three

Think that's a shot from the new Tron: Legacy film? Thinkfail on you. That's an honest-to-God lightcycle. The gents at Parker Brothers Choppers have decided to manufacture (at request and payment of $35,000), a street legal version of the unmistakable cycle from one of the greatest programmer-turned-action-hero-inside-a-computer movies ever. Grab it on eBay. Make sure to check the links on this one. (via Autoblog)

Shawl collar cardigans add an extra bit of elegance and style that you just don't get with those flat-collared ones J. Crew is offering this linen-cotton toggle cardigan up as a summer item, but you'll get use from it year round, which is what makes it truly great. And at only $98, it's a steal. Grab it here. Right now. (via Prepidemic)

I am a supporter of pretty much anything gingham (which derives from the Malay word ging-gang, meaning striped--but you knew that). I just can't help myself. Macro-, micro-, whatever. Count me in. I'm also a huge fan of Rugby, Ralph Lauren's too-cool-for-school prepster brand (despite it's conspicuous absence from my wardrobe). So put the two together and I'm there. Add to it a superb deal ($40/ea.) and the deal gets even sweeter. (via Sartorially Inclined)

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