Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've never been a  fan of mechanical pencils. I press too hard when I write so the lead always breaks. They do have some of the best erasers in the game (the writing utensil game, that is), but those, too, are flimsy and subject to fly out if pressed too hard. I've also never known anyone who has ever owned a mechanical pencil that's worked for over a few months time. That's just a few reasons why this is just ridiculous.

You're looking at the Tombow Zoom 505sh. This is a $30.00 mechanical pencil. Now, I understand having a "good" pen. Maybe not dropping the money for a Mont Blanc, but something sturdy, reliable, classy. I could understand spending about $50-$100 on a really nice pen. Especially as a gift. But a mechanical pencil? The price ceiling for these things should be $3.50, and thats for a dozen. Children use mechanical pencils. Adults use pens. Try signing something at the office with a goddamn pencil. You'll get laughed at. You know what message you send when you use a mechanical pencil? "I make simple mistakes somewhat regularly." You know what message you send when you buy and use a $30 mechanical pencil? "I'm desperately trying to hide the fact that I make simple mistakes somewhat regularly." Spending $30 on a mechanical pencil (one the doesn't even break the top five, according to this guy's mechanical pencil blog--no joke), is, as I love to say, unacceptable. (via Selectism, who, in a momentary lapse of reason, deemed this worthy of praise)

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