Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Useless Product

There's a time for everything. Or so the saying goes. That saying may be the rule, where the items I put forth as useless are the exceptions. And be sure to understand: by useless I do not mean without utility, but rather that there is no real need for the product. Perhaps "needless" would have been a better word choice. But we're too far in, now, and "useless" is more demeaning. So without further ado, here is the latest useless product.

Naked and Famous Denim, makers of fine jeans and a few other choice items (their bare-bones ThickBelt is quite appealing), have taken a ride down Useless Lane on their Adventure Trikes! Don't get too excited. You know that Bic lighter you spent $1.99 on at the 7-Eleven because your boy Jones had "some of the illest nugs he'd ever scored"? Yeah, well now apparently you need a leather case for that. $2 dollar product, $40 leather case; that makes sense. I can understand investing in something to protect your custom-made Zippo (the one your ladyfriend got you after that perfect roadtrip to Sedona that says "Two Spirits Made One: Jack and Tina Forever, Sedona 2005"). You gotta keep that in top shape--Zippos cost. But a Bic lighter? Come on! On another note: the wallet and cardholder seem fine. You're allowed to get them. (via Hypebeast)


  1. you should check out their python belt too, it is really nice and speaking of useless N&F products how about the 10 pairs of 32oz denim that can stand up on their own.

  2. That was hilarious! I may just have to read this blog more regularly...