Monday, July 12, 2010

The Daily Three

Things Is Cool posted this photo of Waris Ahluwalia as part of their Amazing Beards series. I will put forth no such argument asserting that Mr. Ahluwalia (close friend of Wes Anderson--you can catch him in Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic--and jewelry designer--stocked by the likes of Barney's and Dover Street Market) is not the proud grower and owner of a tremendous beard. What I do want to point out here, actually, is his amazingly stuffed pocket square. It seems effortless--exactly what you want with the kind of casual suit he is wearing--and even goes as far to resemble an iris. Simply perfect. (via Things Is Cool)

I am no huge fan of casual black shoes. But these adidas Summer Deck shoes do something for me. I think it's the lining. It's that "this is for me" aesthetic, where you're the only one who really knows. And every once in a while a passerby will get a peak at just a sliver and be left wondering. There's something about that that appeals to me. What's that? They're only $60? Sign me up. (via Hypebeast)

I couldn't pass this one up. Even though I am by no means a fan of sporting events in the America region, this was just too good. Now, if you are from Cleveland, then you were likely crying long before LeBron even showed up. But now that he's gone, you've really been left empty handed. Let him--and the world--know how you feel about his dynastic move to Miami.  $26 dollars right here. (via Uncrate)

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