Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Daily Three

There was a time (and some men can still pull it off, but very few without looking like a complete tool), when all it took to look amazing was a great pair of jeans and a solid white tee. You get your hair going right and you were unstoppable. Jonas Begstrand celebrates icons like Marlon Brando (who epitomized this look) and others in this brief series. The pieces are muddled with hundreds of others, but most of them are worth a look. So take your time and enjoy the view. (via LikeCool)

You can click the link for the Wrangler Blue Bell Autumn/Winter collection. It's really just a dandy collection. But I don't really care if you hit the link or not. What actually caught my eye here was the escalator behind the model. How beautiful is that? It's wood. Or at least some elegant veneer. Location scout win. (via Selectism)

How much do you hate Tyler Perry? I wish Madea went to the dark hellhole from whence she came and never, ever returned. Can that be his next, and last movie? If you're on board with me, you're also on board with the likes of John Landis, Edgar Wright, Judd Apatow, Todd Phillips, and Adam McKay. The funnymen sat down with GQ and all agreed (through silence, for the most part) that Tyler Perry was no good. Rubbish, even. It's at the bottom of this page.

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