Friday, July 16, 2010

The Daily Three

I won't make it a habit to post music on here. It's not my place to tell what is or isn't good. And it's far less my place toe tell you what you should or should not listen to. You need to make that decision on your own (Pitchfork is not a music guide, its a festering pile of pretentious shit). But I really couldn't help posting this video. Lup eFiasco is and always has been fairly brilliant when it comes to lyrics. Even in the first verse of the above song, "I'm Beaming", he sings "I get my energy/from my inner G./I'm in outer space/but I got inner peace." Take a listen (via The Urban Gent)

Turns out Arthur Ashe wasn't just good at tennis. Look at that coordination. The guy nailed it. And the gold watch is pretty damn brilliant too. You can match the look by heading over to Nerd Boyfriend.

 I'm no huge proponent of clunky footwear except when necessary. But there is something about the  Fitzsimmons from Native Shoes that just works. These are marketed as hiking boots, which is interesting considering the last thing I would want to do is get them dirty. They come in 8 colors, so you can't really go wrong. Keep an eye out around the web, though, as these have yet to drop. (via SLAMXHYPE)

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  1. not as much a fan of these as other boots that have come out as of late