Monday, July 19, 2010

The Daily Three

I can't speak to the utility of this classic item for the modern business man. I just don't think it's practical or becoming of a businessman to tote around a steel thermos and cooler. Though if you're one of those trendy types who likes to spice life (and work) up with an unexpected item, this may be it. The sturdy thermos and cooler may be more fitting for a construction worker, but it'll also work wonders for a day trip to the mountains (or wherever you may choose to go on your adventurous day trips). Grab it here for $65. (via LikeCool)

You're probably already excited about this product just by looking at it. An arcade game you can put in your already trendy home without messing up the stylish decor. French designer Fred Pinel has revamped the classic 80's arcade game for a modern look with all the fun of the original. Games include Pac-Man and Space Invaders, among the 60 available. Starting around $14,000, these aren't cheap, but let's be honest...if these match the aesthetic of your living situation, you've probably got the money. These bad boys come with 1080p display and hi-def sound. (via uncrate)

Red pants, indeed, my friends. Red pants, indeed. These red selvedge jeans from RRL will add much needed variety and color to your wardrobe. I'd recommend pairing it with that new chambray shirt you should have picked up by now. Regardless of the outfit, unless you're extremely bold, this should be the brightest thing you have on. Only available at RRL retail locations: Malibu and New York City (2). (via Jake Davis)

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