Monday, July 19, 2010

Quickies: SmartCrutches

I've been lucky enough to never need to use crutches. Though I've had many friends whose skeletal structure is far more fragile than mine, making them prone to silly breaks in their bones. And I've heard that the crutches necessary are outrageously uncomfortable. Thank god, then, for SmartCrutches.

You may be confused. Those are, in fact, crutches--not power tools with extenders attached. Rumor [read: marketing done by the people at SmartCrutch] has it that these things are the best thing to happen to cripples since not being crippled. Here are some features I don't really understand, but seem important and groundbreaking: rotating arms that allow for multiple angles; increased surface area which reduces pressure; and ergonomically designed grips. What more could you ask for? Oh...right...not being a gimp. Well, maybe don't try to jump that 20 set on your Kids 'R' Us skateboard. Dumbass. (via LikeCool)

1 comment:

  1. Aren't these actually braces for your arms and not crutches. Seems like a misnomer by the manufacturer.