Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Useless Product

I am not a person who has the experience or authority to expound upon the virtues of physical activity versus general couch potatodom. Or, perhaps I am, as I am somewhat of  an expert on the latter. As such, there are things even the lazy gawk at in disbelief. This is one of those things. I will say that this is not a retail item yet, so with this post, I hope to preempt its production.

Yes. That's a motorized shoe. Apparently we've become so lazy that walking--the mere movement of our legs and feet towards another place--is too much for us. These things are next in a line started by Heelys, the hybrid abomination of roller skates and shoes.  According to the people at Treadway, these innovations in mobility/ambulatory incompetence are meant for those distances that are "too far to walk and too short to drive." I suppose if you deny the existence of the bicycle and other non-motorized, wheeled modes transportation, then the concept is bulletproof. To boot, there are videos (viewable here) that demonstrate the apparent brilliance of this product. If your office space happens to be a design studio for pretentious douchebags, you can use these indoors. Otherwise you'll be restricted to being ridiculed by the public outside of your home/office/obesity lair. I assume that in the end, these will be used by fat people looking to get to the McDonald's before it closes. (via desingboom)

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