Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Daily Three

Ettinger may not be a brand with which you are familiar. I'll be honest: I wasn't until a day or so ago. But I can't help but lust over just about everything they have to offer at their online store. How do I know it's good? The Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales and a collaboration with Bentley were all it took to convince me. And if you take a look at their collections, that should be enough, too. Aside from the cutting of some of the leathers, everything is handmade in England, a job at which it takes 4-5 years to become a pro. For more on this amazing company, check out the interview with the owner, Robert Ettinger, at Men's Flair.

You're welcome. This cover shoot for Complex was done in May. Now, our friend Lindsay has had a tough couple of months, and the road ahead doesn't look much easier. But what you can't deny is that she is looking damn fine in this shot (and in the whole photo shoot, for that matter). She may have a train wreck of a life and look like shit when she's in court...but she cleans up nice.

We've all been there. Packing for a trip, or perhaps to come home, maybe you don't have the room for some item. Maybe you know you're going to need an extra bag for all the stuff you're going to buy your friends. You're supposed to carry on an empty bag? Hell no. Flight 001 has you covered like a jimmy hat. Whether it be a bag that seals tight to keep your wet trunks separate from your dry button downs, or a toiletry bag, these guys have the solution to all of your traveling conundrums. (via Cool Hunting)

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