Friday, July 23, 2010

The Daily Three

It's hard to convince most people that buying high quality denim is worth it. I am wearing a pair of Sevens today and my coworker is sporting some dark-wash Citizens, so we're no strangers to the idea. But not many people are willing to shell out $100 for a pair of jeans. Let alone the $200 or so that some of the better denim will cost you. But if there ever has been an argument, this is it. To celebrate the launch of their new 484 slim-fit raw selvedge denim jeans, J. Crew (who is just nailing it) put together a short series that chronicles the wearing-in of said jeans by 5 different staffers. Denim purists argue that jeans should never be washed (and if they must be, they use products like Dr. Bronner's...or the ocean). The process goes like this: 1) Buy expensive raw denim jeans. 2) Wear as frequently as possible (like, every day) for as long as possible (6 months should do, but you can take it longer) before even thinking about washing them. 3) Enjoy the most comfortable, best fitting jeans you'll ever own. To get a better grasp of denim purism, check out Denim Debate. (via GQ)

Part of me wishes this picture was some 4Chan joke. Some twisted taxidermists idea of utility. Another part of me thinks it's hilarious and brilliant marketing (though still a bit twisted). To make their End of History brew even more spectacular (it's already 55% ABV and costs $650-$900), BrewDog Beer decided to use taxidermied rodents as containers. Unfortunately it looks like this unique brew is sold out, but you can still nab the much less cool Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32%) and Sink the Bismarck! (41%). And they are much cheaper. But they also don't come upholstered in roadkill. So, I guess you can't win 'em all. (via uncrate)

Music and time, together at last! This is the best unconventional use of music since the Keyboard Necktie. Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko uses crazy high-tech lasers in his design lair to craft these clocks by hand. 27 different designs are available, ranging from the cityscape above to a rhinoceros. They cost between 25 and 33 Euros, or 32-42 American Money Units. Get them here at Pavel's store. (via Core77)

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