Monday, July 26, 2010

The Daily Three

1930 Art Deco Henderson. Or rather, this is modeled after that bike, but was only made 6 years later by O. Ray Courtney. Apparently Courtney has a knack for incredible. Don't try looking around for a good price on a bike like this--it's a one-off. But if you really want one I am sure you can find someone to make it. Fact: If Batman had been introduced to the world in 1929 instead of 1939, this is what the Batcycle would have looked like. More pictures at the original article, here. (via LikeCool)

Cucumber Sandwich Discus. Martini Mixing Relay. Dandy Umbrella Jousting. Only at The Chap Oympiad. The best of Britains tweeded populace turned out in full chap attire to partake in the important activities listed above, among others. Fleur de Guerre has a more complete summary of the day's events. Looking to update your wardrobe with some iconic throwback items, start by checking out the photos of this epic event. (via The Awesomologist)

Timberland is hitting its stride and with three new offerings, it shows. The new boots afford a classic rugged look while maintaining equal classic elements. The assortment include the above leather chukka, a rigid-looking zip chukka, and a leather/suede oxford that is a bit irresistible, if I may say so myself. Look for these later this year (despite them being tagged as part of the 2011 collection--apparently shoes are like cars). (via Hypebeast)

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