Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summertime Shoejams

With my recent realization that Teva still makes sandals, and even collaborates with other brands, I thought it might be prudent to dispense a bit of guidance. After all summer is nigh and the urge to expose your feet will be greater than ever.

I had been under the impression that Teva had gone the way of Airwalk: defunct and now only worn ironically or as part of a costume (or both). I was wrong, which isn't to say that I should be wrong. But which is to say that there's no reason for you to wear Tevas. So I guess the thought behind Tevas, according to the write-up for the collaboration linked above, is to "keep you securely fastened across the heel, ankle, and foot." Luckily for you there literally hundreds of other options, none of which will remind you of the family vacation you took when your dad wore tube socks with Tevas. Summer calls for you to have at least few options at the ready: a nice pair of sandals, flip fops for the beach, and  loafers or mocs.

Some people might suggest that the idea of a "nice" sandal is an oxymoron. I would suggest to them that they are an oxymoron, and then run away snickering. Look for something in leather that provides coverage over your feet (but doesn't cup your toes). The pair above is a good look to aim for (though the price is steep on these). A heel strap is fine, but should be subtle and discreet, like your sexts.

For flip flops I don't think you can beat Olukai. They are immensely comfortable and not too expensive. I know everyone has their favorite flip-flops, but if you don't yet, grab a pair of Olukai and you won't be sorry. I've had mine for 5 or so years without an issue.

For loafers or mocs, the world is your oyster. You can rock a more formal loafer, a driving moc with softer more pliant leather, or even some boat shoes.

If you're outdoorsy, you may also want to grab something "amphibious," like Keen's Class 5 Tech. They'll cover you if you're on a day hike and have to ford a river or something. And like just about everything Keen makes, they'll be comfortable.

Pro-Tips: Save your flip-flops for the beach or the backyard. No one needs to see that much of your feet in any other environment. And invest in some no-show socks to help keep the stank out of your footwear in the hot summer heat.

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