Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Bags

FashionBeans recently posted a feature on bags that you should buy, or could buy, if you wanted to tread in the higher echelons of fashion. They do a great job with offering some great looks and then giving options from struggling actor cheap to Tom Cruise crazy expensive. But they also include a few styles of bags that are best left at home--or better yet, left in your childhood.

Let's start out with the fact that no adult with a job should be wearing a backpack at any time during the workday. Backpacks are for school, hiking, and visiting foreign countries. And I suppose an exception can be made for bike commuters, though there are plenty of alternatives that would do just as good a job. No, I don't care how trendy your Herschel Hemp Collection Little America Backpack is, leave it at home or don't buy it at all. The guy above (from the Herschel website) looks like he is waiting for his bro JJ to pick him up for a gnar History of Wool in America course at the learning annex that their other mutual friend Bozzy said they just had to take. But you know Bozzy isn't even going to show up. If you buy a backpack, your friends should and will ditch you.

In addition to backpacks, you can go ahead and rule out the cross-over bags (also known as satchels) that the feature mentions. Those are one step away from a fanny pack.

And all to say about the tote is, be prepared for lost of this. Totes are for the Hamptons or other coastal adventures. Not for your day-to-day lugging of goods. Because the fact of the matter is, as an adult, your day-to-day lugging should be kept at a minimum. You should, at this point, have a good idea of the minimum you need to carry with you to do your job.

So how should you carry your things? I'm assuming you may need to bring a laptop or some documents to work, or your probably don't need a bag at all. So depending on the amount of crap you do need to bring to and from the office everyday, you could go for the folio mentioned in the article, or some soft-sided briefcase. Travelteq carries beautiful choices for both (I have the "Trash", above), but may be a bit pricey. ASOS has a decent folio for less than $60, and you can get a nice bag from Fossil for $228.  Whatever you use, make sure it's sleek and doesn't add much to your overall profile. If it's too bulky, you might as well just carry everything in your pockets for how ridiculous you'll look.

Finally for a weekend trip, all you need is a weekender (that's why they call it that). The best one I've ever seen is the Hooks and Albert Garment Weekender (pictured above). It's got a spot for everything you might want to bring, and while not cheap, will last forever. My sister-in-law got one for my brother on my recommendation and he loves it.

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