Friday, May 6, 2011


I've lost count of the number of shoes I have: that I keep separate and clean, I know it's something like 12-14. I know this is a paltry sum for most women, and not very impressive among the more stylish men. I also have a closet floor full of shoes I don't take care of. Probably an equal amount. So a safe guess would be between 24 and 28. Who knows? The bottom line is you only need a few pairs of shoes: black leather, brown leather, and sneakers. That being said, the well-dressed man inside of you should already own or endeavor to own many other pairs (sandals, loafers, monk straps, et al.). Here are a few suggestions to get that collection growing.

Superga is an Italian brand started in 1913 (named after a hill east of Turin). The above shoes are a new color of the classic 2750, originally made in 1925. Baller. 40 British Dollars. Use these to add some (likely) needed color to the bottom of your wardrobe this summer. (via Selectism)

Typically, the less seams you see on a shoe, the more skill it took to make. These "sueded" Sergio Rossi will run you about $600 over at The Corner, so they are obviously not worth it. However, I wanted to make a point that a neat-looking shoe (less seams) often means a high quality shoe. But not always. And that by no means implies that a presence of seams means a lack of quality (think brogues). (via Selectism)

Nike Air Vortex Vintage. These are hyper 80s kicks. These are the shoes in which your older brother was cooler than you. You should have at least two pairs of very casual sneakers in your arsenal. They should not be the same color and one should be grey or another easily-pairable color. These are available around the web for between $75 and about $105. (via Hypebeast)

Also check out these gorgeous monk straps, coming soon from Thom Browne and Leffot. Perfect.

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