Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ménage à Trois

Here's three quick ones for you.

If you use this in Italy, you're just smart. If you use this in the US, you're an obnoxious hipster. And you're probably also an alcoholic. $25.00. Guess where it's available? Etsy. (via LikeCool)

California-based Wolfard Glassblowing missed the mark by about 130 years with their new oil lamp. If you're really stupid and are a fan of archaic luminescence, then you can buy it here for just under $360. (via Hypebeast).

Finally, something good. General Knot & Co.. Handmade in the USA out of high-quality fabrics (most of them older than you, some older than your parents). Limited run florals, chambray, solids, novelty prints. All classic, all stylish. Perfect summer ties. Starting at $70, direct from the website. Get them now, cherish them forever. (via Hypebeast)

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