Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Daily Three

I've always got my eye out for a great bag I'll never be able to afford, and with this, I've found yet another. From online retailer Blackbird comes the Miller Brewing Salesman Bag, a vintage leather tote that screams refinement and class. While it's not large (16x12x7, about half the storage of your standard roll-on), it's perfect for a daytrip or a light weekend getaway. If you're not in the mood to drop $450 on this, check this real vintage doctors bag that will get you the same thing for only $68. (via The Reference Council)

Graham Withers presents us with these consummate summer ties. Aside from their great design, the wonderful thing about them is that at the moment, they are on sale for $48, so I'd grab them while they last. Pair mindfully with a light summer suit. Be advised, if you find yourself on the corpulent side, avoid these skinny ties, as they'll just create the illusion of more heft. If $48 is too steep (and for a well-made tie, there is no reason it should be), Urban Outfitters has a veritable smorgasbord of ties that will keep you looking your best through the rest of the summer, all for $19. (via FREE/MAN)

Bell & Ross have just released their Vintage Original and Vintage Heritage watches. Typically known for their cockpit-inspired designs, they turned to the archives for these new pieces. Inspired by the watches worn by the flyboys of the 1940's these pieces combine, ruggedness, simplicity, and history to make for a perfect casual wristwatch. For some reason, I can see a true gentleman sporting this at a lakehouse in Maine. Though, it would probably be quite a nice lakehouse, as these watches start around $1500. You can get a "close-enough" Timex for $50 here, though. But it won't last you nearly as long, and you won't feel as awesome wearing it. (via Por Homme)

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