Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Daily Three

Welcome to the future. The Silveira Samba XMS is a custom-made jet-ski (they call it a "personal watercraft") that weighs in at just 34 lbs. What's that mean for you? Impossibly hard turns, excitement, and most likely a serious injury somewhere along the way. This topside torpedo is the brainchild of Rod Silveira and Kristen Merck, two beautiful people who do extreme things much better than you can. No price yet, but somewhere between $Ouch and $Prohibitively Expensive sounds about right. (via LikeCool)

Trimmed and laced with Gucci's trademark green and red (because buying anything Gucci is like having Christmas any time you want it), these new boots are a surprisingly low-fashion, high-style design for the Italian brand. The oxford toecap adds a pleasant twist to what would otherwise simply be an overpriced work boot. Now it's overpriced and stylish. They are available at Concepts' Cambridge, MA location now (eStore opening soon). No word on pricing, but using other Gucci footwear as a meter, $400-600 sounds about right. (via Hypebeast)

You've probably never had any reason to stray from Heinz when it comes to ketchup. Why would you? It's delicious, classic, and has an easy-to-use "57" for the ketchup challenged. But just in case you were hankering for a healthier alternative, look to Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. In an attempt to get back to the good ol' days when condiments weren't infused with hard-to-pronounce ingredients and things like high fructose corn syrup, Sir Kensington's is a delicious blend of all-natural ingredients. It's also available in a spiced version. Quality costs, though: one for $7, case of 12 for $84. (via Uncrate)

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