Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Daily Three

L.L. Bean continues to impress with a new selvedge (that's basically style-talk for "quality") denim series. Following the recent release of their impeccably put together Signature Collection, the 1912 Selvedge Denim line will bring quality denim to L.L. Bean locations across the nation, for about $80 a pop. That's right, it's only available in stores. Which is great because there is one right next to where I work. (via Sartorially Inclined)

Photographer Matt Hoyle present us with a look at some of the faces--some of the most interesting you'll see--from the world of carnivals. His collection, "Barnumville", has all the classics: sword swallower, twins, cross-eyed girl. Quite an amazing series of shots. And be sure to check out his other sets, too.

I hate Skechers. I always have. No one needs a sole thicker than the shoe itself. That's ridiculous. Then they try and drop these Shape-ups on us? Who buys this shit? Soon, the answer may be no one. Science took up with the anti-Skecher camp recently, citing that not only do they not really work, but they can actually hurt you. God willing, this is the beginning of the end for the pseudo-style clog-producing Skecher brand. (via GQ)

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