Friday, July 2, 2010

The Daily Three

Right? I mean...RIGHT? Effects Wizard Pete Mander threw this epic 7-foot Elite costume together for funsies. This think is amazing. Not too sure about maneuverability, but I don't think it's very critical to the awesome that is going on here. On a related note, do you remember all those awesome Master Chief costumes? Neither do I. But this guy, his cameraman and a dog have a GREAT tutorial on how to put one on. Apparently balance is critical. On the other hand, here is a brief tutorial for the Elite costume: Be awesome, climb ladder, put on top half, be awesome. (Elite costume via LikeCool)

Straight from the man himself, Alan Flusser (known to no one as "No Fuss Flusser"), Style & the Man is a guide to style...and the man. Most such books drone on about the styles of the day, rules that don't always hold true (but the others treat as divine edicts), and personal opinions. This is no such book. This is a No Fuss Flusser at his best, giving the skinny on men's style. (via Getting Beat Like You Stole Something)

Furniture + Sound = FurniSound. Or speaker furniture. Whatever. What is true is that this is a practical item. You've got rustic looking furniture, with built in quality sound, including an iPod dock? I'm there. Korean designer Yu Kwang Soo created the above piece for his "Box Project". So, as with so many awesome things, you will probably never get your hands on one unless you know the designer or build it yourself. (via designboom)

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